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Where can I submit my Sitemap.xml?!

You can use out free tool to submit your sitemap.xml here.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a record where you give data about the pages, recordings, and different documents on your site, and the connections between them. Web search tools like Google read this record to productively crawl your website more. A sitemap lets Google know which pages and documents you believe are significant in your site, and furthermore gives important data about these records. For instance, when the page was last refreshed and any other language renditions of the page.

You can utilize a sitemap to give data about unambiguous sorts of content on your pages, including video, picture, and news content. For instance:

  • A sitemap video section can indicate the video running time, rating, and age-fittingness rating.
  • A sitemap picture passage can incorporate the area of the pictures remembered for a page.
  • A sitemap news section can incorporate the article title and distribution date.

Why do I need a Sitemap?

Assuming your site's pages are appropriately connected, Google can as a rule find the majority of your site. Appropriate connecting implies that all pages that you consider significant can be arrived at through some type of route, be that your site's menu or connections that you put on pages. All things considered, a sitemap can work on the crawling of bigger or more intricate locales, or more specific documents.

A sitemap assists search engines with finding URLs on your site, yet it doesn't ensure that every one of the things in your sitemap will be crawled and ordered. Nonetheless, generally speaking, your site will profit from having a sitemap.

You can read more about sitemaps here.