Bad Backlinks

Check for Bad Backlinks!

Our tools helps you find all the bad backlinks created for your website, all backlinks are from Google only. This tools also as an export option, meaning you can export a detailed new backlinks report to an Excel Spreadsheet.

Beware that buying backlinks services will damage your ranking, read this article by Google on Poor Backlinks.

What are Bad Backlinks?

Having low-quality, spam backlinks highlighting your site isn't just terrible according to a positioning perspective yet it can likewise be incredibly negative to the validity of your brand.

No business ought to need to have outer references from conniving, underhanded sources and this equivalent mindset ought to happen into your online marketing endeavors.

Before the presentation of Panda and more importantly Penguin, many supposed "SEO Specialists" had the option to handily control and stunt Google's calculations by carrying out computerized third party referencing strategies where connections to client websites were put on 1000's of registries, article websites and social bookmarking networks at the snap of a button. This amount over quality methodology on certain events accomplished a few type of positioning achievement and sadly beguiled the client into thinking a moral occupation had been finished.

You should red rid of bad backlinks and you should know how to idenfity bad backlinks and also how to remove bad backlinks. This is a very difficult task, but it can be done with the tools we provide, also, you can read this article by Google on how buying backlinks is good or bad.

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