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What is Page Authority?

Page authority is a measurement utilized by SEO specialists to foresee how well a given page will rank in web search tool results pages (SERPs). One of many elements can impact a page's positioning, however it is believed to be major areas of strength for an of a page's capacity to rank for explicit/specific keywords.

There are some of methods to measure web page authority, however one of the maximum not unusualplace is thru hyperlink popularity. This method searching at what number of different web sites hyperlink to a given web page. The greater hyperlinks there are, the better the web page authority. Additionally, the best of the hyperlinks additionally matters. Links from high-quality websites will improve a web page’s authority greater than hyperlinks from low-best web sites.

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What's the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority?

Domain Authority main points are:

  • Depends on the entire domain & subdomains;
  • Depends on on-page factors;
  • Depends on all domain baclinks;
  • Depends on on a internal linking;
  • Depends on level of design responsiveness.

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Page Authority main points are:

  • Depends on page lvel only;
  • Depends on single-page content optimization;
  • Depends on single page backlinks;
  • Depends on webpage load speed;
  • Depends on the level of internal linking;
  • Depends on page mobile responsiveness.