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Our tools helps you find all the newer backlinks created for your website, all backlinks are from Google only. This tools also as an export option, meaning you can export a detailed new backlinks report to an Excel Spreadsheet.

What are Backlinks?

  • Backlinks are those which redirect links from our own site to another site or once in a while from one more site to our own site.
  • In more straightforward terms, Backlinks are Link building between two sites.
  • Backlinks are significant, however they are thought of as essential in the event that they are coming from High-profile site. Implying that Backlinks coming to our site areas of strength for is powerless is absolutely reliant upon other site's page authority, space authority, age of that site, it's traffic volume and so on...
  • Backlinks coming from relative site's are extremely powerful. For instance, in the event that our site is about weight reduction and we are getting Backlinks from cell phones and innovation site than it is of no utilization, however in a similar case if the backlink is coming from a Nutritionist's site who is about diet and quality food, it will have more prominent effect. Subsequently significance is additionally a significant component.

You can read more about backlinks on this Wikipedia page.

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